Paul and Timothy had the same kind of spirit in their love and service for the Lord.
Sometimes this is given up as was Demas.  He served for a while and gave it up for a better life in this world.  This will show up at the judgment seat of Christ.  I have two words I will emphasize.  That is now or then.  I am hoping I am living for then.
I am interested in the fact that Paul seemed to be alone except for Luke the beloved physician.  We see that he joined Paul’s group sometime before he was imprisoned at Jerusalem. He seemed to be with Paul on the way to Rome when they went through a shipwreck.  Couldn’t you get to like a faithful man like that?
Another thing Paul says is to bring Mark and that he is profitable to Paul for the ministry.  Once Paul had no confidence in him, now complete confidence.  We sometimes need improvement. 
Paul now asks for a cloak (possibly coat) to be brought.  Prison cells are cold in winter and he wants some beloved books especially the parchments (Old Testament scriptures). Paul was an expert in the Holy Scriptures.  He loved them so.


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