John uses the term elder here. I confess I cannot exactly fathom all that he means using that term.  He is writing to a man named, Gaius who is perhaps an understudy.  There is a natural bond of love between the two of them.  Gaius may have had health problems, but there was a prosperous soul.
In verse three we have that Gaius had a good report by his fellow Christians in the Church.  He was known as one of John’s spiritual sons, perhaps a convert.  We have a phrase used for Gaius that he gave John joy  because  he walked in Truth. This must have been his practice.
Up to verse 8 it is about the faithfulness of Gaius.  What I want to say is this, if John was going to write a letter to you or I would he have some of the same things that he said about Gaius?  All I could say is I hope so.  However we are all not the same.  I wish that the rest of John’s letter would be as positive as these 8 verses but it is not.

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