These verses we are considering seem to take us on to when Jesus comes again in His glory and His thousand year reign.  But first of all this brings me to a Biblical thought about God’s eyes.  He who formed the eyes shall He not see? He sees all and knows all.
Then we come to the word sift in verse 9.  The sifting process is to remove the wheat from the chaff.  This sifting was to be done to Israel.  There will come a true remnant of Israel in the future.
We notice if we know our Bibles well enough that what the Bible calls the Tabernacle of David is now fallen down.  This is quoted in Acts 13:16 and it was spoken by James the half-brother of Jesus.  This is of course through Jesus.  He will then take His rightful place as ruler over the world.  Then the rest of the verses 13-15 will take place when He rules.  It will be a time of peace and plenty.  If you know Jesus Christ you and I will be part of that wonderful plan of God.

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