How can people who read verse 7 not understand that we have redemption in Christ, but seek other ways?  The verse concludes that it is through His blood.  Since that is the way and there is no other way.
Then there is the mystery of His will.  This is to search the Old Testament and combine it with the New, and we get the mystery of His will.  It is unmistakable if we search for it.
Now we get to a term the dispensation of the fullness of times.  This I would conclude to be Revelation 14 & 20 when Christ reigns for 1000 years, and all the redeemed will be with Him.
The next thing is that God works everything according to the council of His own will.  That includes our inheritance.
We have a seal which is the Holy Spirit.  That is God’s seal that we are His possession.  Paul calls this our earnest or our guarantee.  We get to keep Him in us until we finally get to Heaven.  At the age of 81 I have been with God for 60 years and I have never lost God’s presence because of the Holy Spirit.

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