There was a literal space in the temple called the court of the Gentiles and they could go no farther.  But the Jews could go farther into the temple.  In the King James Version language it is called the wall of partition.  Christ’s death brought peace making both Jew and Gentile one in Him, if they believed and accepted Him.
This makes one new mankind thus making peace.  This should be true of all races of people.  In Christ we are all one race.  We find in the world this is not so.  In the prison we have black, Hispanic and white.  We are all one in Christ.  I grew up with Native Americans.  There was a division among our townspeople with them.  I was not saved at the time but I had no problem.
Verse 18 we read that through Him (Christ) we both (Jew and Gentile) have access, by one Spirit unto the Father.  I like that word access as it is like the term getting in. Computer people use it a lot when they want to get in somewhere on a website.

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