Paul calls himself “the least of all saints.”  I find this ironic because of all the Apostles. Paul was the most educated and the most religious.  He calls it “Grace given,” that he should preach the gospel to the Gentiles.  I find this relative of me though I was not educated beyond high school and very almost stupid (unsaved) during those four years.  Who am I that I should preach Christ in the prisons, jails and nursing homes.  I call myself Holy Spirit educated.
I don’t have much room for the rest of the verses, but the phrase “to make all men see the fellowship of the mystery.”  Are we trying to make people see these things?
There is another phrase “the manifold wisdom of God”.  If we don’t dig we will be shallow Christians, but if we dig we can say, “There is gold to be gotten from the Word of God”.  Another phrase is, “boldness with confidence”.   I don’t know how I would be in a country where there was persecution but I hope I would have this boldness if I were there. 

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