There are a lot of phrases in this section and I want to expand on them if I have room.  First I am a Gentile Christian compared to unbelieving Gentiles.  The way I walk is the way I process my life.    This includes my thought life too.  Paul speaks of the others (non-Christians) as having their understanding darkened, and being alienated from the life of God, and having the blinded heart.  I had that very thing until I found Christ.  I once was blind, but now I see.
The next thing is past feeling and giving themselves over to all kinds of wicked ways.  The next verse Paul says, “You have not so learned Christ”.  I would like to spend time on what it means to learn Christ but I don’t have room.  Next we have a series of putting off of the old man (the nature of Adam) and the putting on of the New Man (the nature of Christ).  We must study the Word of God to know what these two terms mean.  As successful Christians we really need to know and live accordingly.

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