What is God saying when he says, “I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt”?  To me this is referring to the fact that God carried them all through the process of bringing his people up out of Egypt and through the 40 years they wandered in the wilderness clear through to the conquering of the land of Canaan.  Should this have changed now?  It is so easy to forget if we don’t stop to reflect and take stock of all the things God has already brought us through.
Israel is accused by God as destroying herself, but God says, “in me is thine help.”  This is only a blog of my thoughts, but if I were actually preaching from this passage, I would stop for a while and develop some of these phrases more fully.  When God says, “I gave them a king in my anger” I am remembering when they asked for a king.  Samuel was disappointed, but God told him they have not rejected you, they have rejected me.  God meant for Israel to be a Theocracy with judges, but that turned out to be a mess.  Then He gave them Saul and what a disappointment to God he was.  The last verse of today’s passage speaks of a ransom from the grave and redeemed from death.  Actually we Christians have that very thing in Christ.  In His work on the cross, we are getting something we don’t deserve. 

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