This is David with a sort of prayer psalm to God after preparing a good supply of things for Solomon to build the temple when he succeeds him as king of Israel.  David is looking ahead simply because of the words of Nathan the prophet that a son would come after him that would build the temple.  However, I do believe that even though Solomon would presently build the temple, God was looking ahead to Christ (son of David) to a temple not made with human hands, made up of people (living stones) where the Spirit of God would dwell.  This is the Church and singularly I myself am a temple according to I Corinthians 6:19-20.

David said in verse 14, "Who am I that I would be able to offer so willingly."  God called Israel in another scripture the smallest of nations, yet in Solomon’s time the peaceful rule of the known world.  I want to pause for a moment to say who am I that you should have taken me from a filthy rotten life to make me a preacher of the glorious gospel of Christ, the son of the living God.  Then to bring me into the kingdom of God that will last forever.   David speaks of Him as God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.  They are still living men as Jesus declared according to Matthew 22:32.  We are going to live forever.  My eternal life began in May 1956.

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