There are some interesting terms in these first verses.  First of all Paul is careful to say, “followers of the Lord”, even though he is an apostle by Christ Himself.  In our day we have much spiritual deception we must be careful to get the word ourselves instead of just being fed not realizing what we may be consuming.
What they did have is the joy of the Holy Spirit.  They became examples to all who believe in that certain area.  I want to be an example for believers too.  From the Christians in Thessalonica to that whole area they didn’t keep it to themselves.  In our day sometimes the truth of the gospel stays within the walls of the church building.  More than ever we pay preachers to do what we should do.
These Christians turned from idols to serve the living and true God and to waist for His Son from Heaven.  Are we waiting?  This whole first letter emphasizes that.  Then in light of that how we are to live.

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