The first verse here I find very fascinating.  Who is this that enters by the door?  And who is the thief and robber and what does he steal?  It is what the main character that is written in the 23rd Psalm and there are more than 300 prophesies all coming true in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It began in Genesis 3 with God’s own prophesy of the seal of the woman. Christ then would be the Shepherd of the sheep.
Who is the Porter but none other than the Spirit.  John 1:33-34 records that he saw the Spirit descending like a dove and remaining on Christ (Jesus).  This is John’s introduction of Jesus the Good Shepherd so the Holy Spirit (Porter) opening for the good Shepherd.
Then there is the fact that the true sheep hear Him.  We have the term “His own sheep” meaning they are His.  It says He leads them out.  There we have a fact that someone who does not follow Him must not be His sheep, perhaps just religious, but not His.
Jesus then says, “I am the door of the sheep”. We can’t enter the sheepfold without going through the door.  Anyone who tries another way is a thief. The good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep.
Then there is the hireling.  One who is just preaching for a living.  For him I would say preach Christ! I have never made oodles of money preaching the Word of God.  When going gets tough they are gone and what happens to the sheep? They are scattered.  Some never come back.

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