There are a lot of things in the Bible that fascinates me. Does anything fascinate you? This time it is Jesus groaning. Previous to verse 38 where it says Jesus wept.  I believe and others may have different opinions, that it because Jesus deep feeling for what sin has done to mankind. Probably  before He came as man to Earth He already had these feelings.  Was it Christ who said, “Adam where art thou?” John calls Him the Word and being God it would be Him.
Next Jesus says, “Take away the stone.”  Martha gave a gentle rebuke saying by this time he will have an odor because he has been dead four days.  Now Jesus gives her a gentle rebuke saying didn’t I say if you believe you will see that glory of God.  I wonder how much glory we fail to see because of our unbelief.  The Bible doesn’t say there was an odor and I am one who seldom reads between the lines.  That is imagination and I don’t get caught up with that.  Now Jesus prays but He says his prayer was for the benefit of those who stood by.  He may not have had to pray as He many times prayed all night.  We need as much communication with God as we can get, especially in this dark world.  I have two beloved people with cancer I would like to be healed.  However I must leave this to the will of God.  When Jesus said Lazarus come forth, sure enough he did.  He was found in grave clothes.  I do think, perhaps others don’t, that this is typical of the fact that there are grave clothes when someone is saved passing from death unto life.  We need to free that person from the grave clothes.  This takes
pastoral ministry.


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