The first verse in this section was that His hour was come that He would depart out of this world. It says, in my own words, that He loved His own to the uttermost.  How far would one go in love for someone?
Next Jesus does something I have never done.  That is to wash the feet of the disciples.  I am sure they were dirty feet.  There are all kinds of typical meanings in what Jesus did.  I would say first His servanthood characteristic.  He was the servant of mankind.  His death was a service to all who believe.  In washing of feet it was a sign of helping them in their walk through life.  They would never forget even after Jesus resurrection that their feet were washed by Jesus.
Now Peter did not want his feet to be washed by Jesus.  A caution here is not to be hasty with words, saying Lord you’re not washing my feet.  Jesus says then you have no part with me.  Then Peter wanted to be washed all over.  Then Jesus spoke of a washing which I do believe was Jesus word.  They were clean because of His word, but they needed their feet washed on a regular basis typical of their walk in life. 
The last thing Jesus said in this section was yet not all.  Jesus was referring to Judas who though he got some water on his feet he had not really been washed inside.  People can pretend to be something they are not.  There was a song in the 1950’s called, “Yes I’m the Great Pretender.”  Judas could have related to that song.  Are you real or are you a great pretender? You will have to answer that in eternity future.  

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