I already wrote my last blog on Friday on the first part of John 14. Now this is on the last part of the chapter.  I have always been thankful to the man who made the chapters and verses in the Bible.  It makes it convenient in remembering where everything is.
Jesus in the beginning here is saying that this which is called Olivet Discourse is some of the last instruction before the cross.  I notice there is not much written during the forty days after the resurrection.  Here Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit (or Helper) who will inspire us after His ascension.  The whole New Testament is written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and what a wonderful book it is.
Jesus speaks of His peace which He gives to them and to us.  What kind of peace can the world give to us?  More war than peace.  With this peace we need not be troubled about what is happening in the world.
Jesus speaks of a certain element of faith that His disciples could have when He would ascend to the Father.  However we clearly 2000 years later know things they didn’t know.  I am sure they must have been bewildered.
Jesus then speaks of Satan coming and having nothing in Him.  The cross was a battleground between Jesus (the Seed of the woman) Genesis 3:15 eventually crushing the serpents head. 
Jesus then says now let us go on.  Where? To the cross which is the battleground.

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