This first verse says that Jesus showed Himself. The whole chapter is filled with interesting things about this but for me the substance is only about the first fourteen verses.  I would like to write about the rest but this is all I must concern myself at this time.  According to verse 14 this is the third time.  More than likely the first two are in chapter 20.
Now we don’t know exactly why Peter said he was going fishing.  Many say because of his denial. He may have thought he was of no use to the Lord.  Jesus did commission him in Luke 5:10, but now he was going back to his old trade.  I have known many to go back after giving themselves to service for the Lord.  I have followed the Lord 60 years giving my life to full time service probably in 1958.  We may have been discouraged enough to quit at times, but it didn’t happen.
They fished all night and caught nothing. This could have been in God’s plan.  However, the scene changes when Jesus is on the shore.  Isn’t it interesting when Jesus shows up.  I want Him to show up.
 Have you any food? Now cast your net on the right side of the ship.  The promise “you shall find” would make them successful.  Jesus keeps His word.  They did and it was success at last.
John says, “It is the Lord.” Peter swam to the shore.  Jesus had breakfast for them and said, “Come and dine.” What I say in this is, “put Jesus in charge and things will be different.” However we must not make too much of this as many Christians the world over are suffering. Some are misplace because of wars but we must still give Him the charge.  

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