When Jesus is told to eat He informs the disciples that He had food to eat that they did not know anything about.  It was because He came into this world to do the will of the Father and to finish His work.  It was finished when He uttered the words, “It is finished.” These were some of the last words He spoke on the cross. Now my question to you is, “Why am I in the world? Is it to indulge in this world’s food and goods?” I could have done better if I had followed my Air Force training or some other well-paying occupation.  God called and I answered. Now my food was what God wanted me to do.
Next, Jesus is talking about a harvest.  It may have been the fall of the year.  Jesus is saying lift up your eyes.  The fields were over ripe and soon some seed would be lost. Was the troop of Samaritans spoken to by the woman coming to them? They were ready to hear and Jesus was ready to tell them what they needed to do to be saved.  The woman was the first evangelist.  She heard Jesus.  She believed! She told and they came out to see this awesome man.  It seems like all believed.  None but these men in all the four gospels called Jesus the Savior of the world.
Now has Jesus made an impact on your life?  Have you just gone on indulging or have you made your food to do the will of Him who sent you and finish His work?  Lift up your eyes, behold the white harvest.  There is not much time left.  Get into the work.  Every person left will face eternity of eternal punishment.

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