There is an interesting question in verse 52.  How can this man give us His flesh to eat?  Is this literal or is it what I would call figurative? In Revelation19 many things are said of Christ.  For instance treading the winepress and having blood on His garments or a sword hanging out of His mouth ruling nations with a rod of iron.
Certain church systems want to explain this as partaking of the Lord’s Supper. The bread and wine or juice turns into the body and blood of Christ.  This would make it a miracle every time we took it.  I don’t accept that.  Please don’t write or call about this. I have been on the path of faith 60 years.
I call this assimilation this is not physical but spiritual.  As my body works with food that I eat it eventually becomes part of me keeping me healthy.  Spiritually I feed on Christ giving me spiritual health.
Jesus calls Himself the bread that came down from Heaven.  Now if we believe the Old Testament, can we explain the manna in the wilderness in a scientific way?  If you can I would like to read what you say.  It was described and I believe it and it becomes part of me.
Many people stopped walking with Jesus from that time on.  Now I ask how much of the Bible have you read and digested?  Make Jesus part of you as well as the whole Word of God.

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