This is an interesting story. Some say it is not included in one of the original translations.  However it is in the KJV and the NKJV.  I will use it and believe it.  The thing I find interesting is that there had to be a man involved if she was taken in the very act.  Under the law both were to be stoned.  But by this time Moses law was so concocted that it could mean almost anything.
Now why didn’t they judge the woman?  There were more than two witnesses.  Did they think Jesus had more authority than they did?  By this time they knew that He did.
I have heard people make a lot of comments of what Jesus may have been writing on the ground.  The Bible doesn’t say so I don’t really care what He was writing. I just think that He seemed unconcerned.  Being who He was and is He knew all about that woman (John 2:24-25) and even knew what the outcome would be.
When they keep pestering Him He turns to them and says, “He that is without sin let him first cast a stone.”  They all went away. Isn’t it funny that some years ago when a president committed a sexual sin really bad this was quoted probably by people who knew nothing about God and His grace.  There are times people want to cover their own faults even using Bible verses to do it. 
Now since all the woman’s accusers were gone Jesus tells the woman, “I don’t condemn you.” However He gives a gentle warning for her not to sin anymore.  Wouldn’t you like to be like Paul Harvey and know the rest of the story?

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