If I was a self-proclaimed healer which example of Jesus healing would I do?   I am not a healer, but I do pray for those who are sick.  If anything happened it would be God and not me.  This man did what Jesus asked him to do after Jesus put clay on his eyes.
Now in these verses the Jews are trying to test this man about the reality of healing of his blindness.  We must remember he was blind from birth.  Also there is no statement that he even asked Jesus to be healed.  All he did was trust Jesus a total stranger to him.  He had faith enough to believe even if it could have seemed preposterous.  He didn’t even worry about the Sabbath.
This man was completely trusting in Jesus even though He was still a total stranger to him.  He calls Jesus a Prophet. He didn’t know what to think.  There were a number of people trying to persuade him differently.  Even his parents were not telling who it was because they didn’t want to be put out of the synagogue.
At the end of the chapter Jesus finds him as he is cast out of the synagogue.  He asks him if he believes in the Son of God.  Jesus reveals Himself and the formerly blind man worships.  Has the Spirit of God opened your spiritual eyes? Are you worshippers of Jesus? You can be.

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