Here we have the story of Bartimaeus the blind man who sat by the roadside. Interesting that Jesus was going by Jericho called the place of the curse in the book of Joshua.  He said cursed is the man who rebuilds it.  In I Kings 16:34 someone rebuilt it at the cost of the death of his oldest and youngest sons.  It seemed to be a vacation spot.  Probably a place where a blind man could get handouts if he sat there begging.  However he was in the right place when now Jesus was going by.  He began to cry out, “Jesus Son of David have mercy on me.”  Interesting that he called Him Son of David knowing he must have known something about prophetic scriptures. The people told him to keep quiet. Interesting the people around us don’t know our need.  For him just a few coins in a cup seemed to them sufficient.  However Jesus probably knew about him and his need called him and did what was needed.  What a friend we have in Jesus as we sing in the song.

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