There are a number of things that catch my interest.  The first is that the sign was that Judas would kiss Jesus.  Judas before the kiss called Jesus Master.  Is that how to betray someone?  There is a typical statement in the Psalms that Judas was a friend.  I don’t care for that kind of a friend.
Next,(verse 47), Peter grabs his sword and cuts off a man’s ear.  What could Peter do with such an armed crowd?  There are times in our lives where we have hasty thoughts on how to do good and yet no wisdom on really what to do.  Jesus response in the book of John was, “the cup which my father has given Me shall I not drink it?”  Jesus told them that they could have taken Him at any time.  He then said, “The Scriptures must be fulfilled.”
I want to conclude with the young man who followed.  Most believe it was John Mark the writer of this gospel (as John did) not wanting to name himself.  I must say I don’t really know.


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