In these verses Mark is very concise about the trial of Jesus.  To me the most conclusive is the book of John where Pilate asks some interesting questions and gets answers that scare him.  To tell you the truth if I was not in the right frame of mind (and heart) I would be scared too on reading the four gospels.
We do see according to verse 4 Jesus didn’t say a lot.  This is a fulfillment of Isaiah 53:7. Now Pilate thought he could appease the crowd by offering Jesus to them instead of a vile murderer named Barabbas.  That didn’t work.
I want to leave off with one final thought.  I do believe in typical teachings of the Scripture.  My typical teaching is this.  The choice that the Jews made then is still with us today.  Haven’t we had the Barnabas characteristic highly present with us in our world today?  Many are choosing to be like Barabbas yet today.  We can’t seem to stamp it out.

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