In my blog a few times before this one.  We had the story of Mary of Bethany pouring the sweet smelling perfume on the feet of Jesus and wiping His feet with her hair.  Now we see three women (Mary Magdalene being one of them) coming to anoint His body.  They are talking among themselves, “Who shall roll away the stone?”  The stone was rolled away, and they were greeted by a young man which I assume to be an angel telling them that Jesus was already raised from the dead.  They had no opportunity to anoint His body, but the question about who would roll away the stone was already solved.
One thing I noticed that they were to tell His disciples and I see an interesting phrase and Peter.  When Peter denied the Lord he went out and wept bitterly.  It would take a lot for Peter to get over that.  Now I need to question myself. Have I ever denied my Lord, and how did I get over it?  We must each answer that.

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