An interesting statement as Jesus went to the borders of Tyre and Sidon way out of where He usually is.  The statement is, “He could not be hid.”  In our age in the USA some Christians do a nice job of hiding Him.  Everyone should know we belong to Him and want them to know Him too.  They like to leave that to the Preachers and many of them don’t do it well either.
Now where He was there was a Gentile woman whose young daughter had an unclean spirit.  She fell at Jesus feet and begged Him to heal her.  Jesus statement to her is interesting, “Let the children first be filled.”  Did that mean Jesus would refuse her?  Jesus made an interesting statement that it was not fit to cast children’s bread to the dogs.  Would He not heal her daughter?  She spoke back to Him, “Yet the little dogs eat of the children’s crumbs.” Jesus healed her daughter because of her great faith.  I being a Gentile may look at this as taking the crumbs that the Jews have thrown away.

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