In this section we have Moses finishing the task of setting up the Tabernacle.  Then when all was done it was sanctified meaning it was not common but it was God’s tabernacle a very sacred place.  There is not room here to tell all about that.
After this there were wagons and oxen given by the princes of Israel.  They were for the Levites (the priestly tribe) to carry special things they needed.  Just what things I really cannot say.  However there was a family that was not given wagons. That was the sons of Kohath.  Their duty was the service of the Sanctuary (Tabernacle). When the Israelites were moving about the wilderness they were to carry everything of the Tabernacle on their shoulders.  This was a great task and an important spiritual one.  When we look at these men we could see they could have one of two attitudes.  I can’t do this with a willing heart or consider it drudgery.  It is the same with me in the service of God.  Do I willingly serve Him or not?

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