The Lord is my light.  There is a meaning of the word light.  This light shows me the way I am to go.  God is also said to be David’s strength of his life. That kind of faith can eliminate some of his fears.  David had a desire to dwell in the house of the LORD to behold the beauty and inquire in His temple.  Do you realize there was nothing then but a tent which possibly housed the ark?  He must have meant more than that tent and what about us New Testament Christians.  The whole church of living stones is our temple.

Now in verse 8, David is quick to seek His face.  There was one time he didn’t seek God’s face when he had the trouble with Bathsheba.  That was the tie he should have but didn’t.  Those times are when we need Him the most and tend to hide from Him.  We could read Psalm 32 and find out what that is like.  I am not sure what he meant about father and mother forsaking him.  He said then God will take up with him.  We must always seek God and ask Him to teach us His way.  Without His teaching, we are almost bound to go astray.  Without guidance, who can tell what a person might do?  Then in this last verse we have the phrase “wait on the Lord.”  What does that mean?  Someone may say I am waiting on Him and never do anything.  I am not of that persuasion. 

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