As we look at the world around us and all that is happening today it is very easy to fret about it.  The various kinds of wickedness is in the air so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife.  Yet the psalmist David tells us not to fret.  David was continuously troubled by evil workers.  We are going through the life of David with the folks at my local prison ministry.  Last night was the part where David was on the run from king Saul because of Saul’s jealousy.  The wicked, like the poor as Jesus said, will always be with us.  Some Christians the world over have it much worse than we do here in America.

 In this psalm, it is mentioned that they will be cut down as grass and wither as the green herb.  Nothing is forever.  Now there are positive things for the godly in this psalm.  The first is:  “Trust in the Lord and do good.”  Then delight thyself also in the Lord.  And then those that wait patiently for Him.  The last verse says the Lord shall laugh at the wicked.  I want Him to be pleased with me and not to laugh at me. 

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