This Psalm begins with a remembrance of what God has done for Israel.  When I think of what God has done in the days of Joshua, then we come to the hideous things happening in the book of Judges, I am tempted to use our modern term,  ”we’ve  come a long way, baby.”
     In our verses today this man speaks of his confusion.  The heading in this Psalm does not credit this to David.  The previous verse says Israel is a byword among the heathen.  Perhaps this could be beyond the captivity.  Despite all that happened, this man says: “We have not forgotten thee.”  We who are Christians could possible go through some of these various things, and there are some the world over that are going through persecution and even death now.  There was a term we used years ago:  Times like these separate the men from the boys.  Some who preach could not go to China and preach the same message that they would preach here.
     In verse 21 it says: God knows the secrets of the heart.  Then he goes on to say something Paul repeated on Romans 8:36, we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.  Verse 23 says this man accuses God of being asleep.  I think that many Christians in many parts of the world think that today.  I feel as if I have more freedom to preach Christ than I ever had.
Like many of the other Psalms David ends this in the spirit of praise.  Never give up or give in!

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