This psalm begins with speaking rightly as a congregation.  As a church gathered together what is our voice like?  David speaks of judging rightly too.  We must always weigh our judgment with the Word of God.  As a person believing in God my voice must be good.
Now the rest of the psalm speaks of the wicked and how defiling their ways are.  For instance it speaks of their poison like the poison of a serpent.  The deaf adder is not listening to the voice of charmers. Many people are like that in our world today.
The last verse speaks of a reward for the righteous. There is a phrase in the Bible that says vengeance is mine says the Lord.  God will take care of every sin against us that is not covered by the blood of Jesus. 
If you are reading this and you do have some that are not very nice to you it would be better if you would give it into the hand of God.

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