The verses we have here are easy to read, not hard for me to understand but very difficult for me to write about. Is this Israel or Gentile nations? No doubt it is Israel as Paul is writing about Israel.  However they have no excuse as prophesies speak plainly about Christ.  The news got lost somewhere along the line. So then we need a sent preacher.  I am not so enthused about the way the church sends, nor am I excited about the few these days who even want to be sent. This section speaks of beautiful feet of one who preaches the Gospel of Christ.  I preached for nearly 60 years.  At 82 this month outwardly my feet look terrible.
Paul speaks of faith coming by hearing and hearing by the word of God. But there is the fact of people rejecting. Many who hear with outward ears may not hear with the heart and be converted.  The word must enter in.
Israel as a nation did not have a hearing ear.  They still are the same as a nation today.  My question is have you heard? Have you accepted?

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