In this last chapter Paul is greeting those who he previously knew who became Christians somewhere else but were now living in Rome.
The lady named Phoebe must have been the one who brought the letter.  As we go on in our verses we will find Paul knew a lot of Christians in Rome who Paul knew though he had never been there. I also want to see how well he spoke of the ones he mentioned.
Now he knew Priscilla and Aquila as he worked with them in their business of tent making at the city of Corinth. Acts 18:2 they were put out of Rome at that time but now were back to Rome.  It seems that they put themselves in danger because of Paul.
I wonder how many Christians I could say and write as much about as Paul did here.  I could write a book about some in my 59 years of ministry. I really don’t want to say any more than that.  Do you have that quality of being friendly?

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