It is hard to fathom why Paul speaks like he does here if the Judgment Seat of Christ, which every believer will appear at, would be looked at as the terror of the Lord.  This is for believers saved by grace.  Jesus said all judgment has been given to me.  I do believe the Great White Throne of Revelation (chapter 20) is another part of the Judgment seat of Christ, which all must appear.  That would strike terror to my heart if I was not saved.

Now Paul speaks of compassionate constrain in verse 14, if Christ died for all, then all were dead.  We were all dead in tresspasses until we were made alive in Christ.  Now we are not to live for ourselves, but for Him who died for us and the benefit of others.  In verse 17, we are part of Christ's new creation.  We have left being part with Adam for Christ.  From verse 18 - 20, we are now given a ministry of reconciliation.  Christ was once the reconciler, now it's for us to do in Christ's place.  It is for all Christians not just preachers.  We are ambassadors.  Our citizenship is from Heaven, Phil 3:20.  I want to reserve this space for verse 21.  Christ knew no sin.  He couldn't have any part of a sinful life.  It wasn't in Him to do so.  Then He was made sin on the cross.  The very part of you and I was there on that cross with Him.  Now we are made the righteousness of God.  A total change of places. 

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