In my last blog I said something about the friendship of Jonathan, Saul’s son and David. Now we come to something quite different.  Because of this now David is king and he wants to show kindness to someone in Saul’s household.  So we are introduced to Mephibosheth. He didn’t have anything going for him.  People today might call him a cripple.  Despite this fact David brought him into his house and gave him all the land that once belonged to Saul and he ate at David’s table daily.
I want to divert from here to our present Christianity.  In my work I have in the course of 63 years encountered folks that some would consider not worth caring about.  We are to be like Jesus who had compassion on people like that.  I would like to introduce you to Joey at Gardenview Nursing home born with a birth defect.  His love for Christian songs surpasses all the rest.  I have never heard him talk and probably can’t.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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