This chapter is filled with challenges for Timothy concerning what he ought to be as a believer.
1. Son with dependence 2:1,2
2. Soldier with determination 2:3,4
3. Sprinter with discipline 2:5
4. Sower with deliberation 2:6
5. Sufferer with dedication 2:7-14
6. Student with diligence 2:15-18
7. Saint with distinction 2:19-23
8. Servant with devotion 2:24-26
As a saint Timothy was to be set apart or distinguished as a vessel of honor. As such he was: 
1.  sanctified - set apart for God's purpose
2. submitted - given to obedience to the Master
3. suitable - prepared to be used for God's glory
Staying in this condition involved:
1.  Fleeing (negative) - youthful lusts - desires, temptations to sin
2.  Following (positive) - righteousness, faith, charity, peace
3.  Friends - avoiding foolish, choosing wise

God has called me to be a saint that is distinctively His.  I want to be a vessel unto honor.
Walk with the Lord and be a saint with distinction!!!

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