Just previous to today's verses we find that Paul preaches and many were saved and as a result took their idols and burned them.  This seemed to excite a man named Demetrius who apparently was the chief spokesman for a group of craftsmen which I would liken to a "workers union" in our day.  They crafted shrines to a false god by the name of Diana. 

Now they all met in some kind of judgment hall and there seemed to be a lot of confusion.  Many did not even know why they were even there.  Most knew there was some sort of danger to their god which of course was just an idol anyway.  What was really threatened was their hold on the people and corner of the market for idols if people got truly saved.  We must be careful of mob rule.  This seems to be happening more and more in many countries around the world today.

Now we have this frenzied cry, "Great is Diana of the Ephesisans," which continued on for a couple hours.  Think what you may, but pagans seems to come up with more zeal than many Christians today.  Shame on us, if this is really true. Now the Lord comes in to help His own in the person of a town clerk who calms the crowd and dismisses the group.

In this story we see how sometimes the Lord comes in to protest His own through unusual means.  I must rely on Him for my own protection too.  We must not say we will completely be beyond opposition in a country that claims freedom of religion.  We are beginning to lose some of that now in these latter days. 

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