I find it interesting Paul said to the elders of Ephesus, “You will see my face no more.” Was it because godly prophets told him not to go to Jerusalem? Preachers are divided on this, but I firmly believed he made a mistake. Some look at Paul as a super saint and couldn’t make a mistake.
However Paul makes a statement. I am pure from the blood of all men meaning of course only those he met and preached to.  Next he gives solemn warning about what could happen to the Ephesian church after he would leave them.  Grievous wolves would enter tearing up the flock.
Paul was not a covetous man. He worked with his own hands to provide.  I can testify that this is a principle I follow too. I know life is a little lean at times.
Paul takes them to the shore to kneel and pray leading these sorrowing saints on to new horizons. 


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