In these verses we find Paul asking the Chief Captain (who we later know as Claudius) to have permission to speak to the Jews. He tells them of his former position as a Pharissee.  He tells them of his education by the chief Rabbi Gamaliel.  Before he met Christ on the road to Damascus, he was a man of standing in the religious world.  He then tells them the story of how he was on his way to persecute Christians when he met Jesus in a vision from heaven and turned and now was a follower and Apostle of Christ. 

I stop here to say this.  Each one of us has a story of how we met and accepted Christ and the change of what we were before and what we are now as a result of meeting Christ.  Paul was religious whereas I was on the opposite side of the spectrum.  I was as much a sinner as Paul was religious.  There were things in my life I would be ashamed to disclose to anyone.  There is a verse in Romans 3:25 that says when we receive Christ that God has passed over sins previous ly committed.  In my case He had a lot of sins to obliterate.  John Newton who wrote the song "Amazing Grace" said once that if there was a sin he didn't yet commit, he would do it.  I shared those same attitudes with him in my younger days, but now we are both forgiven.  Praise God!

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