Paul is now being transferred by judge Felix to another judge by the name of Festus.  It seems both of them were interested in pleasing the Jews at Jerusalem.  Festus told Paul that he wanted to take Paul to Jerusalem so that he could be judged there.  No one could assure his safety on the way nor the verdict at Jerusalem.  So Paul said, "I stand before Caesar's Judgment seat where I ought to be judged.  To the Jews I have done no harm.  I appeal to Caesar."  Festus answers, " You appealed to Caesar, to Caesar you will go."  This is another step in Jesus' promise that Paul would testify for Him at Rome.

What I see in this is that Paul's life was preplanned by God.  I accepted Christ in 1956, about 58 years ago. Shortly after my conversion I was removed from Aadmore, OKlahoma to England where I started to preach.  After my tour was ended I was given an invitation to come to Danville, IL to work at the Gospel Publishing company.  There is much more to the story which was in many different steps.  Some of them were difficult but useful nonetheless for building my character.

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