Click In the former chapter we read that the man who never walked was healed.  Now in this chapter there are those who were the most instrumental in the death of Jesus were disturbed because they taught that Jesus was risen from the dead.  These Apostles were asked by what power or by what name they did this. 
Now it is time for Peter to speak out.  Notice he is filled with the Holy Spirit.  I will add one thing here.  Preaching for 60 years if without the Holy Spirit I may as well have kept my mouth shut.  Peter says it is not us that made this man whole.  It was Jesus Christ of Nazareth by which he is made whole.  In this message he accuses them of the Crucifixion.  He says He is the stone rejected by them now the Chief Cornerstone of the people of God.  He goes on to say there is no salvation apart from Christ.  If as a preacher I make a lot of talk apart from Christ I am wasting my time.  When Peter spoke Christ was his chief motive.

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