Saul is now carrying out what Christ has called him to do.  He was proving that Jesus was the Christ!  By the way, Christ is actually his official title all the way back in eternity past.  Jesus was his name given at birth which means Jehovah is salvation.  How does Saul prove that Jesus is the Christ?  Saul who now is called Paul, was a Pharisee and had studied the Old Testament prophecies and then literally encountered him on the road to Damascus and was changed!  God knew what he was doing when he chose Paul!  The other apostles were called unlearned and ignorant men.  Just like I am today.  They all learned as I did by the spirit of God. 

The Jews wanted to kill Saul, because they must have felt he was a turncoat.  The Christians let him down over the wall in a basket.  Was this the first basket case?  
Now it is time to go to Jerusalem.  Christians there are afraid of him except for Barnabas who was called the son of consolation. He finds a way to introduce Paul as one who is totally converted to Jesus Christ.  It is ironic that now the Churches have rest.  Their former enemy was now their friend and fellow believer.  It would be good if more of this would happen.  Now Peter is reintroduced in the next three chapters.  Here we find the healing of a man named Aeneas and the raising of a lady named Tabitha from the dead.  Not very scientific,  but Bible miracles usually aren't.  With the saving of Paul (formerly Saul) we are going to start the salovation to the Gentiles beginning with Cornelius and his household.  Then in chapter 13 the focus shifts and Paul seems to be the prominent apostle. 

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