In our previous verses we have noted the conversion of Saul later known as the Apostle Paul the apostle to the Gentiles. Now in these verses Peter is brought forward in the rest of this chapter through Chapter 10.  From that time Paul is prominent to the rest of the book of Acts.
The interesting thing here is Peter healed the paralyzed man named Aeneas and raised a lady named Tabitha from being dead.  Could this be sort of Peter's swan song.  Next is Peter coming to Cornelius and opening up the gospel to the Gentiles.  In Chapter 12 he narrowly escapes death at the hand of an angel who comes to rescue him.
Now what does all this tell me? God will use me until he is finished with me.  Then He will retire me through some sort of sickness or even death.  However now He through the Spirit of God has something for me to do.  The question is whether young or old does He have something for you?

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