Jesus in preparing the disciples for life when He was no longer with them bodily, told them to love one another.  What is involved in this command?

1.  Commitment of Love - "lay down his life" - True love gives up self rights and self will and "loses" life for Christ's sake.
2.  Cause of Love - "fruit that remains" - God being glorified, saints being edified and sinners being evangelized.
3.  Conflict of Love - The world system is in direct conflict with God and with God-like life.
4.  Companion of Love - The Holy Spirit is given to continually point us to Christ and show us our need to keep Him on the throne of our hearts.

If Christ is on the throne of my life and my desire is to please Him then the commitment of love will flow to others and produce the fruit that God ordained.  I will face the conflict of the world hating me but do so with the Companion of the Holy Spirit helping me!

Walk with the Lord
Have you ever heard someone ask the question after reading this passage, "How does someone abide in Christ?"  Maybe you or someone you know has answered that question with things like, "Read the Bible and pray a whole bunch," or maybe they said, "Be faithful to always be in church."  These are great things to do...but I do not believe they are the definition of abiding in Christ.  
Remember, Jesus said if we were abiding in Him, THEN we would obey or keep His commandments.  And, IF we are keeping His commandments as a RESULT of abiding in Him, THEN our joy would be full.

This passage teaches us, along with passages like James 4 and Genesis 3, that we serve what or who we worship.  So, IF Jesus Christ is on the throne in my heart...If He is the one who I most desire to please, THEN keeping His commands will be the result.  IF I keep His commandments because I have a love and desire to please Him, THEN I will have joy as a result.

If I begin to worship something else, the other elements, "Actions," and "Feelings/Emotions" will go in a different direction (Not good ones).  There have been many times that I have kept Christ's commandments for reasons besides simply loving Him and desiring to please Him.  Have you ever wanted to do something good to get the attention of other people, or to not disappoint a parent, etc.  Even if we are keeping His commandments, we can have the result of discouragement or depression if those works were done for some other person or thing.  

You could say it like this, "I feel the way I feel because I did what I did because I wanted what I wanted.  So if I feel depressed or angry or some other unpleasant feeling, I can ask myself "What is it that I want?"  This question can help me to check if Christ is truly on the throne in my heart.  If He is not, that is the root of my need for repentance, and the beginning of putting off the sin I have committed and putting on righteousness

Jesus begins the verses we are going to see that Jesus is probably confusing the disciples more than ever.  How could they see what we even know  from the completed New Testament.  Now He speaks about the Holy Spirit called the comforter in the King James Version.  Jesus said He will teach you and bring to remembrance the things that Jesus said to them already.  Did you know the confidence of Peter on the day of Pentectost when the Holy Spirit finally did arrive.  He was superb in his message on that day. 
Next Jesus offers them peace not life the world gives.  Then Jesus repeats the very words that defines this chapter.  Let not your hearts be troubled.  There does not need to be in the Christian a troubled heart.
Jesus talks about going away to the Father.  I am sure the men did not understand this, nor do many Christians today who have not read the New Testament.  I am appalled at the ignorance that prevails today.
Jesus mentions Satan as the prince of this world.  In 2 Corinthians 4:4 he is the one who blinds the minds of unbelieving people so that they will not receive the truth about salvation.  Jesus said, "He has nothing in Me."  Jesus passed through this world in perfect sinlessness to go to the cross to pay for our sins.  I live in the good of that cross.   When He said, "Let us go hence." they were proceeding toward that cross.
In light of His soon departure, Christ tells His disciples that He will ask the Father to send another Comforter.  The Holy Spirit has been sent to indwell believers and to encourage and help them in their walk with God.

1.  The Promise of the Holy Spirit - Christ made this promise when He was preparing to leave this world bodily.
2.  The Pattern of the Holy Spirit - "another" Comforter means another of the exact same kind.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are fully one in essence.
3.  The Power of the Holy Spirit - To manifest the Word, will and way of God to believers just like Jesus did for the disciples.  To help us live

As a believer, I have the Comforter living in me so I should live "in Comfort" (filled or controlled by the Holy Spirit).

Walk with the Lord and live in Comfort!!!

When Jesus left this earth bodily the Holy Spirit came and multiplied Christ's presence and power through the lives of His disciples.

1.  Helping Multiplied - more physical needs met
2.  Healing Multiplied - more people saved and spiritually healed
3.  Honoring Multiplied - more opportunity for God to be glorified

When I am filled with the Spirit (under His control) Christ is in me fulfilling this promise.  As Christians, we are Christ multiplied touching and changing lives for the Father's glory.  How can I be Christ in someone's life today?  Look to help meet a physical need.  Share a witness or pray with someone.  Glorify God with my words and walk.

Walk with the Lord and do greater works!!!

The disciples of Jesus were highly troubled by Jesus predictions about the cross and in the previous chapter the betrayal of Judas.  It was hard for them to understand what Jesus was all about.  What Jesus was saying when He said "believe also in Me"  was that He could be trusted to know what this was all about as God knew He knew.
Next, Jesus talked about the Father's house.  I am sure they did not understand what the Father's house was all about.  These things may escape the knowledge of many true Christians today.  Where was He going to prepare a place?  The first leg of that journey was the cross, where He paid for our right to go there.  Did the disciples know what He meant when He said that He would come again to receive them to Himself in His Father's house?  Do I know that?  Yes, like Paul Harvey I know the rest of the story.  
Thomas questioned Jesus about not knowing the way.  This is when Jesus said, "I am the way, no one comes to the Father except through me."  This is a very exclusive statement excluding all others.
The second part of the statement is, "I am the truth."  This means there is no other abstract truth except as it is in Jesus.   When we are in Christ, we are in Him who is the truth.  
The third part is Christ also said, "I am the Life."   We are really living when we live in Christ.  I have enjoyed Him as my life fifty seven years.  There is no other life worth living.
Written in between two instances of teaching that Jesus was going to go a place where the disciples could NOT go, Jesus commands the disciples to love one another.  Jesus tells them to love one another just as He had loved them and that people would know that they were His disciples as a result of the love they showed.

We are supposed to have a special love for our brothers and sister in Christ.  This love should set us apart from other people.
Many times, churches have struggled with infighting and division...such as the Corinthian church.  However, when the world looks at the church, they should see relationships within the members that is like nothing else they have seen.

What can we do to love one another today?  ...this weekend?
Judas was a fake follower of Jesus. His false profession ended in folly and destruction.

Purpose - Greed - Judas pretended to follow Jesus because he loved Jesus but he really wanted to become rich.
Practice - Deception - Judas was dishonest with God, self and others.
Passion - Self - Judas feigned that his desire was to please God but in reality self ruled his heart.

What is my reason for following Jesus: material blessing or love for Jesus?  How do I walk with Jesus: in truth or deception?  What is my goal in following Jesus: to please God or to please self?

A true follower of Jesus is not perfect but does have a desire to love Jesus in truth for God's glory.  Jesus showed love for Judas right to the end but Judas sadly chose folly.

Walk with the Lord and choose to be a genuine follower of Jesus Christ!!!

Two major components to today's Quiet Time passage:
1.  Jesus informs the disciples again that one of them will betray...and He know which one it is.  He shares this with them so that their faith will be strengthened when that time comes.  This strengthening would be especially valuable in the middle of the ordeal when Judas comes and betrays Jesus.  When your leader is taken away as a prisoner, it would certainly help to have known He had seen it coming...

2.  Jesus sets the example as a servant.  They rightly called Him their Lord and Master and yet He was willing to serve them.  He then commands them to serve one another as He had served them.

Our main application today will come in the area of service!  What are some specific ways you can serve others today?
I look at Jesus life here in typical fashion like a twelve hour day.  Everything in His thirty three years was pre-planned.  We see this in the making of the water, wine, meeting the woman at the well, and the raising of Lazarus where He said in John 11:9, "Are there not twelve hours in the day?"  He could safely raise Lazarus without being stoned.  Then the final hour is in John 12:23 which is nearing the crucifixion. Now Jesus knew that His hour had come.  His workday is finished at the cross.
Jesus loved His own. He loved them to the end or I would retranslate that to say that He loved them to the uttermost.  There is no comparative way of describing that love.  Any way I could try to describe it would be too small.
Next, we have that wonderful example of the servant quality of Jesus to wash the disciples feet.  It has been said it was because none of the disciples offered to do it.  I don't buy that one.  This was to show Jesus true servant character.  My best thought is that the lesson to me is that I am to serve the people of God as He served.  This should be a selfless service. Peter in his arrogance decided he was above needing to have his feet washed by Jesus.  Jesus refers to the initial washing of salvation which to us is in the blood of Christ.  Even as a saved man, I need to be cleansed from the sinnful filfth of this world.  The people who went to the public bath had to have their feet washed when they got home from the dirty sands on their feet.  Did you notice that Judas was never washed?