Man at his very best in his own power and wisdom cannot and will not keep God's covenant. When God changes our heart then by His power, wisdom and grace we are able to walk with Him.
1.  Carnal Heart - We are born with a deceitful and wicked heart.
2.  Circumcised Heart - God  cleanses away the impurity of the flesh.
3.  Committed Heart - God transforms our heart.
  - rebuilds thoughts
  - refocuses emotions
  - redirects goals

God accomplishes this through His Word and by His Spirit. I must cooperate with God for a change of heart!
Walk with the Lord and demonstrate a change of heart!!!

In chapter 16 Moses begins to review some of the feast days that the children of Israel were to observe. In verses1-17 he talks about three pilgrimage feasts. These feasts required a trip to the tabernacle. All of the feasts pointed to the future need of and work of Christ.
1.  Feast of Passover - Christ is the Lamb that redeems us from sin.
2.  Feast of Pentecost - Christ fulfilled the law and has given us the Spirit.
3.  Feast of Tabernacles - Christ is the provision, protection and power to live victoriously in the wilderness of this world.
Today we do not keep these feast days but daily offer up the sacrifice of praise for the finished work of our Savior and offer our bodies as living sacrifices for his service!
Rejoice and celebrate the Savior right now in your life!
Walk with the Lord and celebrate the Savior!

    The Word of Life quiet time skipped over a couple of chapters in Deuteronomy this week.  If you are doing your devotions with this program, you might like reading the passages they occasionally skip over.  If you do, you will read through the Bible every six years. 
    Today, we are going to do our blog a little differently.  Instead of reading what I think about this passage, let's see what you are finding in God's Word...

    Here is your challenge.  With the understanding that the whole law is formed around the command and principle to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love you neighbor as yourself, let's look through these four chapters (Deut. 12-15) and find all the ways the children of Israel were encouraged to love God and others.  Remember, the book of Deuteronomy has many items which would be classified as case law.  These chapters give detailed steps at how to obey the greatest commandments in their nation and in their time.  Principally speaking, the case laws in the Old Testament can show us examples of how the greatest commandments could be exercised even today.

    So, what can you find?  How is God instructing His people to love Himself and to love their neighbors in these four chapters?  Please leave your comments.
God is interested in true worship.  The Israelites were to destroy all the places of false worship and worship Jehovah correctly.
1.  Person of Worship - Jehovah
2.  Priority of Worship - Jehovah alone
3.  Place of Worship - Jehovah's direction
Worship is sacred and God is seeking those who will acknowledge His rightful place in spirit and in truth. God, alone, is worthy of all that I am and have and hope to be. He is worthy that I obey Him according to His Word. The greatest form of admiration is imitation - seek to be like Jesus!

Walk with the Lord and practice true worship!!!
Moses gave the challenge to possess the land as we are given the challenge to possess the victorious life that is promised to us in Christ.
1.  The Power of possession - God's power
2.  The Practice of possession - trust and obey
3.  The Purpose of possession - Fulfillment of God's promise
4.  The Perils of possession - self righteousness / self sufficiency
I must choose to enter into victory.  I should enjoy victory.I must always exalt the true victor - the Lord Jesus!
Walk with the Lord and possess the victory in Christ!!!
God warns the children of Israel not to forget the LORD their God and to not forget his miraculous works for them.  They were to be blessed in the land and if they forgot Him, they would praise themselves and worship other gods.  God promises consequences/discipline of His children for this sin.

Obeying the Lord's commands helps us to:
1.)  Remember Him and what He has done.
Which causes us to...
2.)  Remain humble and thankful.
Which compels us to...
3.)  Serve Him alone.
Which spares us from...
4.)  Discipline from our loving Father.

Remember, discipline is a good thing!  It brings us back to where we need to be.  Hebrews 12:6 and Proverbs 3:12 remind us that the Father loves those whom He chastens.  But...I would much rather obey the first time!

If we took the opposite approach and chose to disobey the commands of the Lord we would:
1.)  Forget Him and what He has done (Not acknowledging the Lord in our daily decisions is "forgetting" Him).
Which would cause us to...
2.)  Become prideful and unsatisfied.
Which would compel us to...
3.)  Seek and serve our own self interest (Which often resulted in setting up false gods which give people what they want).
Which, for the child of God, and by the grace of God, would necessitate...
4.)  Loving, restoring discipline.

Let's remember the Lord, be humble and thankful before Him, and serve Him alone!
Moses reminded the people of God that their is a certain pathway of blessing.
The Certainty of Blessing
The Choosing of Blessing
The Claiming of Blessing
1. Fearful of God
2. Faithful to God
3. Fruitful in God
The path to blessing begins with a fear of God, then faithfulness to God and results in fruitfulness in God!
Walk with the Lord and in the path of blessing!!!
God demonstrated his holiness to the children of Israel.
1.God's Superiority
2.God's Strength
3.God's Sovereignty

There is one true God - Jehovah - He stands alone above all other!!!
Walk with the Lord and worship Him in the beauty of His holiness!!!
God's answer to this question is given in 2:6-20
1. v.6 - sin / greed - punishment / sudden loss
2. v.9 - sin / covetousness - punishment / regret
3. v.12 - sin / wasting life - punishment / fame destroyed
4. v.15 - sin / exploiting others - punishment / personal shame
5. v.19 - sin / idolatry - punishment / result of religion
God will justly punish sin in every life. I must confess my sin. I must trust God to deal with the sin of others!
Walk with the Lord and trust God to punish sin!!!