Job is rightfully acknowledging in this chapter the holiness and power of God.  However, he is beginning to resent how God is using that power and wondering why God will not take away the suffering.  Can you point your finger at him?  We might be able to have some answers just as Job's friends did.  We may even be able to do a better job than they did.  But when you are the one in the midst of suffering, what do you say to God?  Job began to question whether God was listening to his pleas and he began accusing God of injuring him without cause.  It is very hard to be stable (not double-minded) when you are enduring times of suffering!
Psalm 13 is a great help during times of suffering.  I would encourage you to read it.  Then ask yourself where you are in your suffering.  Are you in verses 1 and 2, 3 and 4, or in 5 and 6?  This psalm shows a great progression through the suffering and hopefully will encourage you in knowing that it is OK to ask God what He is doing!  Just remember that there is a reason... Romans 8:28-29.  I HOPE that this will bring you great HOPE!
Sometimes we can be hard on Job's friends for their bad advice.  However, they did achieve something many of us could not do.  They remained completely silent for an entire week.  They did not utter a word to Job for seven days.  Could you wait that long?  I certainly haven't.  If nothing else, the silence should give us time to think before we speak.

Some encouraging verses about silence...
- Proverbs 17:18 "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."
- James 1:19 "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath."
We will all face adversity in life!  Are we prepared for it?  Job was ready!

1.  Attitude - "feared God" - cherished his relationship with God more than anything
2.  Actions - "upright" - did not bring adversity upon himself through sin
3.  Alertness - "sanctified" - stayed prepared continually - taking account of the adversary.

In order to get to us satan must go through God. God only allows what He desires to use for my good and His glory.

Walk with the Lord and be prepared for adversity!!!

Three times in this last chapter of the Bible Jesus Christ makes the statement that He is coming "quickly". 

1.  v. 7 - Be walking with Jesus
2.  v. 12 - Be working for Jesus
3.  v. 20 - Be worshiping Jesus

The imminent coming of the Lord should motivate me to walk with the Lord to work for the Lord and to worship the Lord with diligence.  Jesus is coming with reward and I want to have a full capacity for worship, service and fellowship through eternity.

Walk with the Lord and get ready for Christ's coming!

Here are some amazing things about the New Jerusalem and the New Earth that we can learn from today's passage:
1. This city will be 1,380 approximately in cube form.  That means each wall will be that long AND that high.  This is about the distance from New York City to Wichita, KS, or the distance from present day Jerusalem into the middle of every direction, including up.  There will be plenty of room for everyone right?
2.  I believe the New Earth will be huge!  John was taken to a mountain to see the New Jerusalem coming down.  We know this must be a mountain on the New Earth because all the mountains of this world will be flattened during the tribulation period.  When John sees the New Jerusalem coming down, he sees the whole thing!  How far away would you have to be to see the whole thing? large a land mass area would there need to be to put this building?
3.  There will be places to live outside of the New Jerusalem.  While it certainly will be the center of the world and a place where everyone wants to go and be, this text says that the kings of the earth will bring glory to it and the nations will walk by its light.  Imagine how much beauty there will be all over this New Earth that we do not know about yet!
4.  The glory of God and of Jesus Christ will light the world.  No need for sunlight or moonlight anymore...
5.  The gates will not be "pearly."  We sing about pearly gates, but these gates won't just be pearly, they will be pearls.  Imagine a pearl big enough to cut a gate for this city!  Those will be giant pearls...

Did you see any other awe inspiring facts about the New Earth and New Jerusalem?  Are you excited to get there?
Let's live today with that day in view.  Let's serve our King and Lord with eager anticipation of the coming eternal kingdom.
Coke used to advertise that it's soft drink was the "real thing".  Their message was that if you missed out on drinking Coke you were not living in reality.  Many today do not believe that heaven or hell are real places.  They argue that heaven and hell are imaginary or just plain fictitious places made up to control people or to give a false sense of security.  But to say that heaven is not real is to say that Jesus Christ is a liar.  Jesus spoke many times of heaven and hell being real and literal places.

1.  Heaven is real - John 14:1-3
2.  Hell is real - Mark 9:43-47
3.  Choice is real - John 3:16,18,36

If Jesus Christ is a real person (and He is) then heaven and hell are real places.  Jesus also said that each person chooses in which of these places they will spend eternity.  We must choose to believe in Jesus so that we can spend eternity with Him in heaven. We must share this real message with everyone that we can while we are able.  The real thing is that Christ died for our sins so that we would not have to go to hell but could spend eternity in heaven with Him

Walk with the Lord and share the real thing!!!
In the midst of all of this amazing information we see in today's passage is this precious truth.  Those who share in the first resurrection are blessed!  Over all who have been saved by the grace of God, the second death has no power.  Those who have been saved by the grace of God will be priests of God and reign with Him for a thousand years.  
We deserve none of this...but our great God has promised it.  Let that motivate us today to live for Him.
The armies of the world have assembled in the Jezreel Valley near the site of Tel Megiddo (The "Ar" from "Armageddon" is from the Hebrew "Har" which means mountain).  They are prepared for battle.  
Then God sends a world-wide earthquake.  
Imagine New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Dubai, Jerusalem, Rome, London, and every other city on the earth lying in waste.  Imagine Hawaii disappearing under the ocean waters and Denver, Colorado ceasing to be the mile high city because the rocky mountains are a spread out pile of rubble.
Imagine seeing 100 pound hailstone falling from the skies and absolutely crushing buildings, cars, and people.
Now imagine a world of people...those who have survived this global disaster...cursing God.  They are not calling this a "natural" disaster.  They know exactly who is responsible.  They believe that God exists.  They believe that God is bringing this judgment on the world.  They refuse to repent.  They respond with cursing.

1. Unrighteous people do and will suppress the truth in their unrighteousness (Romans 1:18).  Please do not be discouraged when people reject the Gospel.  That is what people are prone to do!  Don't let it stop you.  Pray that God will do a work in their heart as you share to remove their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh so they will gladly receive the truth.
2.  Rejoice in what God has done in your life.  Praise Him for his mercy and grace which you have received.
3.  Remember that God is just and whatever discipline comes our way is right and good.  We need to stay under the load and be trained by it (Hebrews 12:11).  
And...praise God that this judgment we read today is covered for us by the blood of Jesus!
Life is full of choices.  God gives us the opportunity to make our own choices but not choose the consequences.  This passage describes the first five vial judgments.  Even as men feel the horrific consequences of God's judgment, they still persist in their rebellion.

1.  Repetition - these judgments mirror the trumpet judgments in kind but are greater in intensity
2.  Retribution - because they have shed innocent blood they will be judged by blood
3.  Rejection - men still rebel against God even in their suffering

God deals with us in similar ways.  God brings or allows consequences in my life to get my attention and my cooperation in accomplishing His plan for my life.

1.  Be alert to God's promptings
2.  Be submissive to God's principles
3.  Be hopeful in God's promises

Walk with the Lord and make the right choice!!!
It is time now for the revelation of the vial or bowl judgments on the earth.  These will be the last round of judgments.  But before they come, the angels who participated in the demise of the beast, his image and number sing a song of praise to God.  Think about the truths of this song (which is entirely taken from Old Testament passages) in light of all the judgment taking place on the earth.
1.  God's deeds are amazing and great.
2.  His ways are just and true.
3.  He is to be feared and glorified because He alone is holy.
4.  All nations will worship Him.
5.  In all that has happened, His righteousness has been revealed.

All of the pain, suffering and carnage of these judgments is going to reveal the righteousness of God.  But this is not the only way that His righteousness is revealed.

In Romans 1:17 we learn that the power of God is in the Gospel and that in it (both the Gospel itself and how it changes our lives) the righteousness of God is revealed.  That mean you can reveal the righteousness of God today!  Let God continue to change your life for His honor and glory through the power of the Gospel.  In that process, He will get honor and glory and praise and you will have joy!