John writes about the aspect of loving one another as part of fellowship.

1.  The Past of the Commandment - "Old" because is was the first in priority from the beginning of the law.
2.  The Prospect of the Commandment - "New" because Christ brought a new perspective to this truth.
3.  The Proof of the Commandment - The love of the brethren shows that we are "of God and have fellowship with Him.

Find a way to express agape to someone today!

Walk with the Lord and love the brethren!!!

When we encounter trials we must learn to look for the "who" (where is God is this problem) rather than the "why" (what is the rational for this problem). Job is content to accept God's sovereign will as good without an explanation.
1. God is working for His glory
2. God is working for my good
3. God is working for others guidance
Trust the Lord in meekness - He is the righteous judge.

Walk with the Lord and look for the "Who" solution!!!
Elihu waited patiently to give his counsel.  We can gain insight from how he confronted Job.  There is a time to confront others in counseling and some ways to do it correctly. 

1. Informed - Elihu listened to all the others and quoted them.  Proverbs 18:13
2. Inspired - Elihu said he was inspired by God. 2 Timothy 3:16
Impartial - Elihu did not take sides with anyone. James 2:1-13

When I need to confront someone I must first be sure that I have accurately heard the situation.  I must then speak according to the precepts and principles of God.  I must not show respect of persons.

Walk with the Lord and give counsel wisely!!!
Job indicates that God is in the refining business.  God directs and allows things in our life in order to accomplish His purpose of conforming us into the image of His Son.

A Pure Heart - heated through trial to remove the impurities
A Pliable Heart - made soft to be conformed for God's purpose
A Priceless Heart - the more pure and pliable the more valuable it becomes

God is seeking to develop a heart of gold in me that is Christ-like.  Trust him to know when to put me in the furnace, how hot to make it and how long to allow it.

Walk with the Lord and have a heart of gold!!!

Fairness is lowering God's standards to the level that can be achieved with our human will and ability.  Fairness is based on man's value system and man's timetable. It is the product of human comparisons.  Fairness is looking at a situation from the viewpoint of each person rather than the viewpoint of God.

Job's wife and friends were focused on "fairness" while Job saw God as just and merciful.

Justice is the application of the principles of God's Word which are totally consistent with His holy character.  The principles of justice are universal and are not optional.  Justice reveals the true nature of God and the rebellious nature of man.  Justice requires full payment for every violation of God's holy law.

Mercy is the provision which God has made in that His Son paid the full price for man's violation of his holy laws.  Mercy is withholding from us the just punishment of our transgression.  Mercy is given to those who affirm God's righteous standards and confess their failure to achieve them.

Walk with the Lord and rejoice and rest in His mercy - fight against fairness!!!

Job continues to ask God for an explanation of his circumstances. God has shown us through Job and other biblical examples many of his general principles behind suffering.

Storms of conviction - adversity for lost people to show them their need of God
Storms of correction - adversity for saved people to correct sin in their lives
Storms of commendation - adversity for saved people for our good and for God's glory

Job was in a storm of commendation. He was experiencing suffering that would result in his relationship with God and his influence for God be strengthened. This would result in God being glorified. I need to determine what kind of storm I am facing and the purpose of God that is behind it and then respond appropriately.
Walk with the Lord and understand why God lets it happen!!!

Job had experienced severe trial with no knowledge of God and satan's conversation in heaven. He is trying to sort out what is happening while listening to his fiends counsel.

1. Factual doubter - needs facts
2. Emotional doubter - needs assurance
3. Willful doubter - needs repentance

It is not always sinful to ask "why?". It is wrong to demand this answer before we are willing to believe and to be content.
Walk with the Lord and be content in faith as you ask "why?"!!!

Moses is known as a servant of the Lord. In this passage we see a glimpse of his life of service.
1.  Servant's Privilege - Seeing God at work
2.  Servant's Passing - Honored and remembered
3.  Servant's Power - Under God's authority has God's authority

Be a faithful servant of the Lord! Come completely under His authority - yield all to Him. Remember the promise of Jesus: "If any man will serve me, him will my father honor."

Walk with the Lord and serve Him with gladness!!!