Paul concludes by sharing how we are to accomplish all that he has written. "Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.". God calls and He enables. My part is to be willing. When I humble myself and yield my will then God gives grace to accomplish the task. The same is true for understanding and wisdom. When we yield our will, then we will know the doctrine and will receive wisdom. If I want to do the impossible (obey God and experience His fulness of life) I must yield to Him!

Walk with the Lord with a yielded life and do the impossible!

Paul wrote concerning the Day of the Lord.  This term can refer to the whole series of end-time events beginning with the rapture or a single event contained the end time calendar. Paul's description of the Day of the Lord was like a "woman in travail".

1.  Imminent - sudden
2.  Intense - require full attention
3.  Inevitable - once pregnant labor will come and will produce a birth

I should get ready for the Day of the Lord like an expectant mother.

1.  Education - have an understanding of the times.
2.  Evaluation - choose values and priorities that are appropriate to the times.
3.  Preparation - faithfully obey expecting the Day of the Lord to come.

Walk with the Lord and be ready for the day of the Lord!!!
Paul wrote to the Thessalonians concerning their faith. Paul was so concerned that he sent Timothy to encourage them and prayed daily and fervently concerning this area of their lives.

1. Partnership in faith - We all need and should be willing to be an encourager of faith.

2. Practice of faith -  When we live by faith it pleases God and blesses others.

3. Prayer for faith - Paul prayed for full or mature faith to be developed in their lives.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Be an active part in the community of faith. Demonstrate and encourage obedience to the Word of God.

Walk with the Lord and walk by faith!!!
Paul described his ministry as a spiritual father to these new believers.

1. His Work - Paul made tents and put in long hoursministering to others meant hard labor and sacrifice both physically and spiritually.
2. His Walk - Paul set an example of integrity and godliness.
3. His Words - Paul encouraged, exhorted and enriched them through his verbal teaching.

The Great Commission involves being willing to take the responsibility of being a spiritual father.  I must be willing to sacrifice in order to provide for, protect and instruct spiritual children in their walk with God.

Walk with the Lord and be a spiritual father!!!

John shares the example of two men: Diotrephes and Demetrius.  Diotrephes was a hurt to the ministry and Demetrius was a help.  How to help the ministry.

1.  Stay Humble - don't love preeminance.
2.  Stay Happy - be content not complaining.
3.  Stay Helpful - be a servant

Walk with the Lord and be a help to the ministry!!!

John reminds us to walk in truth.

1.  The Sphere of Truth - Those who believe and practice the truth
2.  The Source of Truth - God
3.  The Showcase of Truth - The interaction between believers

Truth encompasses all who align with the true God.  Truth is the basis of fellowship.  Truth comes from God and is personified in Jesus Christ.  Truth is demonstrated in our lives as we love one another.

Walk with the Lord and walk in truth!!!

John continues to teach concerning the importance of the work of love.

1.  Love bestows action - love is not passive or verbal only but active.
2.  Love builds assurance - we have confidence that God is dwelling in us when His love is showing through us.
3.  Love is brought by abiding - The power to love is not my own but supplied by Christ as I dwell in Him.

The work of love blesses God by glorifying Him and it blesses others by meeting their needs and it blesses me by bringing confidence and assurance!

Walk with the Lord and develop the work of love