Jehovah is a God of covenant! He is the self existing holy one who hates sin but loves sinners and seeks relationship with them. A Covenant is an agreement of promise.
1, Promise - God makes unconditional and conditional promises.
2. Principle - God keeps all of His promises.
3. Provision - God makes every provision for all of His promises.
We enter into covenant with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Discover all that God desires in relationship with me through His promises. Demonstrate His covenant by walking in faith of his promises. Declare God's promises through Christ to others.

Walk with the Lord and walk in covenant with Him!
Joel reminds Israel that the Messiah will come and rescue them!

1. Return - Christ will return at the battle of Armageddon and to the place He left - the Mount of Olives.
2. Retribution - Christ will bring judgment on all those who have rejected Him and His people.
3. Restoration - Christ will restore Israel and the earth to peace and plenty.

Jesus Christ is coming again! All will bow the knee! Why wait? Yield to Jesus today and look forward to His return!

Walk with the Lord and remember Jesus is coming again!!!

Although the nation of Israel was already experiencing the consequences of sin, Joel reminded them that it is never too late to repent.

1. The Priority of repentance - In the midst of the problem God makes this one request.
2. The Practice of repentance - Mind, will and emotion all agree with our spirit and take full responsibility for our sin.
3. The Purpose of repentance - Restore God's reputation. Request God's mercy.

As soon as sin is detected, I should repent but it is never too late as long as I am breathing.

Walk with the Lord and repent over sin!!!

This book concludes with a reference to three men involved in spiritual warfare.

1. Epaphras - The Wrestler - He was mighty in the battle as a prayer warrior and faithful servant.
2. Demas - The Quitter - He was in love with the things of this world and left the ministry.
3. Archippus - The Struggler - He was having a difficult time and tempted to quit.

The Christian life is lived in a battle zone. I must determine to "endure hardness as a good soldier" and be "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might"!
The result of living the Christ life in the home should be the following relationships.

1. Wives - submissive to their husbands. Equal in value but willingly "coming under" in order to achieve God-given goals.
2. Husbands - loving to wives. Not demanding dictator but kind servant demonstrating Christ to the world.
3. Children - obedient to parents. Listening to them with honor and respect.
4. Fathers - not provoking children. Showing an understanding heart through patience and kindness.

Walk with the Lord and be Spirit-filled in the home!!!

Paul shares the ministry of reconciliation made possible through the Lord Jesus Christ!

1. Capable Reconciliation - Jesus Christ alone is qualified to reconcile man and God.
2. Covering Reconciliation - Christ qualifies to reconcile all things.
3. Complete Reconciliation - Christ completely and perfectly reconciles us to God.

I needed to be reconciled to God because of my sin. I have been completely, perfectly and eternally reconciled through faith in Jesus Christ as my substitute!

Paul encourages us to admonish one another. "Admonish" means "to put in mind the truth".

1.Consider his need - what truth corresponds to the need of the person?
2.Count as a brother - the manner of sharing the truth should be in love
3. Confront with the truth - growth and change that pleases God is the desired outcome

I must learn to be competent to counsel by sharing the truth with others!

Walk with the Lord and admonish one another!!!

Paul gives information that assures the believers that they have not missed the rapture. This information concerned the world leader during the tribulation - the Antichrist.

1. The restraint of the Antichrist -  The Holy Spirit dwelling in believers restrains evil and will be removed through the rapture before the Antichrist comes.
2. The revelation of the Antichrist - He will be revealed after the rapture by making a 7 year covenant with Israel.
3. The retribution of the Antichrist - He will be destroyed and cast into the Lake of Fire by Jesus Christ at His second coming to the earth.
4. The realm of the Antichrist - He will be a liar and promote unbelief. All who reject the Gospel before he is revealed will believe his lies and be judged along with him.

My job is to continue giving out the Gospel until the rapture happens and all the saved escape the tribulation!

Walk with the Lord and wait for His coming!!!