The secret to great peace is to love God's law.

1. No offense because they are teachable and willing to receive correction.
2. No offense because they know how to treat others in love.
3, No offense because they know how to respond to wrong treatment.

Walk wi
The Psalmist makes supplication to God. (Gives reasons that God should answer His prayers)

1. God should demonstrate His justice.
2. God is merciful.
3. As a servant, God is an obligat4ed master.
4. To uphold the truth of His Word.

Pray today with supplication!

Walk with the Lord and reason Scripturally with God!!!

Affliction or difficulty comes to all of our lives!  How we respond to it demonstrates who we are and what we learn from it determines what we will become!

1. Aim of affliction - Christ-likeness - Romans 8:28,29
2. Answer for affliction - Trust and obey God's Word - James 1:5-8
3. Award of affliction - Learning God's ways, Blessing through God's sufficiency, Glorifying God, Setting an example for others.

Be thankful for affliction and allow its process to benefit in and through my life!

Walk with the Lord and appreciate affliction!!!

We are instructed that blessed (happy, joyful, fulfilled) are those who learn, keep and obey God's Word.

1. Law (torah) - instruction, teaching v.1
2. Testimonies (edah) - witness v.2
3. Ways (derek) - manner, course v.3
4. Precepts (piqquo) - principle, injunction v.4
5. Statutes (choq) - prescription, requirement v.5
6. Commandments (mitsvah) - authoritative orders v.6
7. Judgments (mishpat) - decision,verdict v.7

I must meditate daily on the Word of God and saturate myself with understanding of His truth. I must keep them before me as the authoritative guide or compass for my life. It is when I obey what God shows me that He is pleased and I am blessed!

Walk with the Lord and follow God's Word!!!

Our God is alive and takes personal interest in our lives!

1. God loves and cares - "Precious"
2. God sees and knows - "in the sight of the LORD"
3. God saves and keeps - "His saints"

Rest in my personal, loving Savior! Rejoice in my personal, loving Savior! Repeat the "Good News" of my personal loving Savior to others!

Walk with the Lord and praise the personal God!!!

The Psalmist recounts how God is a God of promises.

1. God is love - He makes promises for my good.
2. God is faithful - He makes promises He will keep.
3. God is omnipotent - He makes promises He is able to keep.

Trust in the promises of God! Live by faith today, taking taking God at His Word regardless of the circumstances or the consequences!

Walk with the Lord and count on God's promises!!!
This psalm is an expression of thanksgiving regarding Israel's regathering after exile. The song has several stanzas that follow the same basic pattern.

1. Plight - Helpless, Hopeless
2. Plea - Cry out to God for help
3. Provision - God's deliverance
4. Praise - Thanks and praise given to God

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Those who have been rescued by God need to share their story for God's Share a testimony of God's deliverance with someone today!

Walk with the Lord and "Say so"!!!

The Psalmist reminds us to count our blessings!

1. Promise
2. Provision
3. Praise

I must give praise to God for keeping His promises and providing above and beyond for all my needs!

Walk with the Lord and count your blessings!