We are now coming to the setting up of this mysterious interesting tent called in the King James Version, the Tabernacle.  In my last blog on Exodus 33 Moses said, "If thy presence does not go with me carry me not hence."  Now as the Israelites would travel through the wilderness two things represented the presence of God.   One was the pillar of the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.  This represented God leading and protecting them.  Then there was the Tabernacle tent that represented His presence.  What was in the Tabernacle?  First, of all there was an altar where sacrifices were offered for various reasons, especially various kinds of sin.  Then there was a sort of worshipful altar called the altar of incense to send up a sweet smell to God.  Then there was the Holiest of all the inner court representing the very presence of God.  In this was the ark with the mercy seat where the High Priest would go once a year to atone for the sins of Israel.  I could say more but now I want to take you to a passage in Colossians 2:17. "All these thing are for a shadow, but the body is Christ." In some way this whole tent and all that is in it somehow symbolically represented what would be accomplished in Christ.  His death as the Lamb of God for our sins would answer for all that this Tabernacle represented. 
Moses went up the mountain into the presence of God to receive the law. When he came down, his face was shining so brightly that he had to wear a veil in front of the people.  Being exposed to God's glory caused him to reflect that glory!

1.  Consideration of Glory - take time to study and dwell in the presence of the Lord
2,  Changing of Glory - as we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us God's glory He will produce fruit that reflects God's glory
3.  Challenge of Glory - determine what areas of my life need to change to reflect God's glory

Walk with the Lord and be changed by glory into glory!!!
Israel was given the Sabbath as a sign between them and God.

1.  Principle - from creation when God rested on the seventh day
2.  Purpose - set apart Israel and her God (Jehovah) from all others
3.  Practice -  stop normal work: give attention to worship, thanksgiving, faith - focus on the person, purpose and program of God rather than on self agenda

Today we follow this principle given at creation by worshiping on the Lord's day.  A term that John used in the book of Revelation.  We assign this term to Sunday, the first day of the week.  The first day is the day of Christ's resurrection and the day seen as a pattern for meeting by the early church. I should set apart the Lord's day as a day of worship.  Sunday should be a special focus on the person, purpose and program of God.  Be care not to make God's holy day my holiday!

Walk with the Lord and honr
The children of Israel made a covenant with God. This was not salvation but a commitment to walk in holiness and obedience.

1.  Book of the Covenant - God's Word was the written agreement.
2.  Blood of the Covenant - The covenant was made and sealed by blood.
3.  Blessing of the Covenant - Fellowship with God and abiding in His presence.

I also should make a covenant with God to walk in holiness and obedience.  This covenant is based on the shed blood of Christ.  C.T. Studd a pioneer missionary once said "If Jesus Christ be God and He died for me how can I do any less than live for Him." A holy life that is continually experiencing the cleansing of the blood of Christ is the basis of a close fellowship with Him. "In thy presence is fulness of joy".

Walk with theLordand be committed to God

After agreeing together with God to be His people and to keep His commandments, God begins to reveal His word to His people.  The Ten Commandments are the first recorded "Word of God" that anyone ever had written.  Stories had been told.  Parents had passed down principles to their children.  But at this moment of time God commanded a man of God to write these things down for His people.  These words were written on tablets of stone, not in a beautiful leather bound, shiny-edged paper book.  They were not available in 30 shades of colors or with study notes.  There were not editions for men, women, children, or any other in between.  There were two tablets of stone.  God's Word to His people had begun.

The big picture for the whole of the commandments is this, "I am the LORD your God."  This is all the reason we need to strive to follow the rest of God's commands
God not only wanted to redeem Israel from Egypt, He also wanted to change them and use them for His glory.

1.  Stir Up The Nest - God broke the nest of Israel so that they would learn to fly.
2.  Strengthen The Wings - God let them struggle (face trials) to use and strengthen their wings.
3.  Soar With Another Power - Eagle must learn to trust the laws of aerodynamics to overcome the law of gravity. Israel had to learn to trust God by faith to overcome the "law of sin".

God will stir up my nest. He will allow tests and trials.  I must learn in these trials not to trust my own wisdom and strength.  By trusting the "law of the Spirit" to overcome the "law of sin" in my life.  The very things that satan wants to use to defeat me can become victories as I allow God's strength to be made perfect in my weakness.

Walk with the Lord and fly 
The children of Israel continued on their journey which was filled with trials and temptations.

1.  Conflict - Israel was on a journey both physically and spiritually.  My life is more than just a physical existence,  It is a spiritual warfare!
2.  Continuation - Israel did not finish their warfare with one or two battles.  Spiritual warfare is not ended with one battle but is a series of conflict.
3.  Cooperation - The Amalekites were defeated when Israel cooperated together with God. Though God has all power and He wins the victory, I must cooperate with Him and others on my team to be successful in the battle.

Today will be a spiritual warfare. Trust the Lord and be strong in His might by faith!  Look for someone I can encourage in the battle!

Walk with the Lord
This is called," The Song of Moses".  It may be the first and last time all were together in jubilant thought with Moses.  Before this until the sea opened up there was complaining.  After this more complaining which lasted for the forty years in the desert.  Pessimism is easily caught, especially when fearful conditions exist! Next I want to talk about the term called the right hand of God.  Does God have a left hand too?  I believe this refers to Christ pre-incarnate. This very same Person is called the arm of the Lord in Isaiah 53:2.  Certainly He would not be the left arm.  He is the very One who when by Himself purged our sins, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  He in Colossians 1 has creatorial powers.  Now let's talk about this song.  It is the song of triumph.  It will be the song never to be repeated throughout their whole wilderness journey of forty years.  Isn't it easy to forget a time like this when things go wrong?  God is the same God of the Red Sea and later the similar opening of the river Jordan.  He is the same One who said, "Lo I am with you always."  The same One who Paul said would cause him to triumph.  We can have a song of triumph too.  Don't let bitter trials cloud our vision.
The children of Israel "believed the LORD" to walk across the Red Sea and God did the rest!  Trust and obey:

1.  God's Will - God is committed to use all things to make me like Christ
2.  God's Word - God gives me instructions concerning my responsibility
3.  God's Way - God's way is faith

When I encounter trials and I am tempted to worry or be afraid I must focus on my responsibility to trust and obey!
Walk with the Lord and have f
The children of Israel left Egypt only to be pinned against the Red Sea by the Egyptian army.  Many times we face situations like this in life. Things seem to go from bad to worse. What should we remember in times like these?

1.  Position of the Red Sea - The Red Sea represents our position in this world. Impossible, scary, hostile are all words to describe our circumstances.
2.  Power of the Red Sea - The Red Sea represented an obstacle too big for man only way of deliverance was God.
3.  Purpose of the Red Sea -
    - To strengthen faith
    - To seal commitment
    - To settle judgment

The Jews were told to "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord".  To cross my Rea Sea I must trust and obey.  If I take care of my responsibility God will take care of His. Remember that nothing is impossible for God!  Keep the commitments I have made to God!

Walk with the Lord and cross your Red Sea!!!