The offerings mentioned in these verses are not trespass offerings. There are three different reasons for these offerings which are a free will, a vow, a burnt offering and a peace offering.  We must respect the holiness of God by the condition of the animal they are offering. One is a male without blemish.  The owner was to inspect the animal.  If there was a wart or boil or even a cut it would not do to offer it to God.  It had to be perfect.  It couldn’t be blind either.  In Malachi 1:8 the Israelite's were offering the blind and the sick and blemished animals.  Malachi then writes, “Offer it to the governor, and see if he will accept you.”  This reminds me of what Jesus said to the Pharisees when He shouted, (Matthew 22:21) “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars (taxes, etc.) and unto God the things that are God’s.” This meant God should have His part from us and it should be unblemished. 
The last is that it is not to come from the hand of a foreigner.  He could come into the company of Israel as a proselyte.
By Pastor Curt Darling

I find that the law of Moses is interesting in that in hearing a sinful oath or touching a dead animal even a lizard or some kind of excrement or thoughtless talk he is guilty. I wonder today about watching modern day terrorism that even on Fox news they may say something that could defile me.
​Then I look at the offering called a trespass offering, ranging from a lamb to turtle doves too pigeons and if he is too poor one tenth of an ephah of flour.  This because we might have seen, touched or heard something or even said something we should have not.
For the first part I see the purity of God and the sinfulness of man.  I am glad the remedy is no longer the law of Moses.  These sacrifices were just rollovers according to Hebrews 10:11 which says they could never take away sins.  Then in that same chapter Christ is presented as the permanent One to take away our sin by the sacrifice of Himself on the cross.  All these animals shed blood pointing to Christ the Chief Bloodshedder.
by Pastor Curt Darling

These verses I have always been hesitant to say much about since I have lived for the last 57 years on the so called Lord’s money sometimes very lean and other times better but never with a large surplus.  So what am I to say?  I leave Paul to say what he said to the Corinthians.
However I appreciate what Paul said about the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was and is supremely rich but allowed Himself to become poor that we through His poverty might be rich.  I don’t connect this with earthly money.  I am rich in Christ having nothing to do with earthly wealth.  I have heard much from preachers about this.
Now the last of our verses is very interesting.  It is about the manna in the wilderness.  If they were hoggish and gathered much it would only last throughout the day.  Only on Friday they could gather enough for the Sabbath.  I do see this as a principle about the gathering and storing of money.
By Pastor Curt Darling

I am wondering how I can even touch on the beautiful doctrine contained in these verses.  It begins with knowing the terror of the Lord. I am inclined to believe when Paul speaks of the Judgement Seat of Christ it is in two parts. The latter is the Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11-14). Jesus said, “All judgment has been given to Me.”
I must be brief about verses 13 & 14 where Paul says that the love of Christ compels us that if Christ died for all then all were dead.  Now I can say that I died in Christ’s crucifixion.
There is a beautiful thought in verse 17. If we are in Christ we are a new creation.  I mean new with old things having passed away.  Notice the past tense.  We are not saying passing away but passed away.  We must actively use it as it says.
The last verse says that Christ who knew no sin was made sin for us.  That we being made the righteousness of God in Him. That is a verse I quote all the time in jails, nursing homes and wherever. 
​ By Pastor Curt Darling

These verses are very instructive to me.  Paul begins this chapter (chapter is not given until later) with not losing heart because of the ministry given to him.  It is easy for discouragement to set in and just want to quit.  In my sixty years there have been ups and downs in the ministry.
In verse 2 it seems then as very much so now there were people who handled the Word of God deceitfully.
In verses 3 & 4 we see the gospel hid to those who are perishing.  Paul blames the devil for blinding the minds and hiding the true Word of God.  This is very prevalent today as it was then, even more so now.
Now our condition is that God’s light shines in our hearts giving us the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  Paul calls this a treasure and I agree that it is.  However it shines out in vessels of clay that it may be God’s power and not ours that is shown.
By Pastor Curt Darling

Paul's first letter to the Corinthians was very corrective.  There were things that were definitely wrong and they had to be told that they were wrong.  There seems to be a difference in this second letter which may according to some be the third letter.
If I may bring up a verse in Acts 18:9-10 it seems like Corinth was a city where wickedness prevailed and Paul had to be reassured by Christ not to be afraid.  Now these were the ones now saved and trusting in Christ.  Some of the sins of the past did not immediately just fall off.
However now Paul writes a different kind of letter still a little correction and instructive doctrine.  He also has to vindicate himself as an apostle to some at the end of this letter. Some parts are very precious to me as to our resurrection and eternal life.
We have two principles again which is righteousness and foolishness.  These verses speak of both. Now here we have the mouth of the righteous being a well of life.  Yesterday I went to the jail to visit a man.  I spoke to him about Christ.  He accepted bringing him into eternity which would be to him a well of life.
The next verse speaks of stirring up strife, the opposite of the well of life.
Then we have the lips of someone who has understanding.  This word is always used in a good sense and is used a lot that way in the New Testament.
There is an interesting phrase in verse 19 saying, “In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin.”  I heard of two men years gone by.  I knew both of them.  One man said to the other, “If you would keep your mouth shut someone will think you are smart.”  You can guess what the opposite is.   By Pastor Curt Darling

I have a dilemma here in these verses. I would like to say it is Christ who in I Corinthians 1:24 is known as the power and wisdom of God. However if I do I would be lending credence to the ones who say that Christ is the highest of God’s creation.  Yet Christ was God and not created but the Creator of all that was created. (John 1:3; Hebrews 1:1-3)
My thought is that I can’t call this person Christ because of this word about being brought forth so what am I to do?  If you read any of my previous blogs you recall my writing about two figurative ladies called Wisdom and Folly.  What this writing is about is wisdom.  Solomon always uses the word she or her but here he didn’t.  Then in other times I used the word principle.  This word fits very well here too.  So I have the principle of wisdom and it fits very well with I Corinthians 1:24.  The verse, “My delights were with the sons of men” fits very well too about wisdom.
By Pastor Curt Darling

I wrote previously about two women called Wisdom and Folly.  I believe they are not actually women but what I would call principles.  What we have in these verses are a story of how these principles could be displayed.  If Solomon knew if there were two people that fit this description we will never know.
I do suppose there are instances in our world today that would fit this description but today it is more than men lure unsuspecting women than the other, but the other way is true also.
The end of this story is tragic speaking of a dart striking the young man's liver.  The Bible says, "Be sure your sin will find you out."  Remember we live for eternity either heaven or Hell.  There are rewards for nothing or punishment for those who choose the wrong way.
by Pastor Curt Darling

All of these verses have one application.  They begin with what is said to be a naughty person.  First of all it is his mouth that is mentioned.  When I came to Christ it was seen mostly in my mouth.  The heart is also mentioned.  Only the Spirit of God can tame a bad heart.
​Farther down in these verses we find seven things that God cannot stand. I will list them here and say a little more later.  A proud look probably meaning pride setting ones self above others.  Nothing needs to be said about a lying tongue.  Truth is supreme. Hands that shed innocent blood.  We do have plenty of this in our country.  Next it is evil imaginations of the heart.
As I look at these things I must take a look in my life mirror to see if any of this is my  agenda.  Do I like what I see or do I not?
​By Pastor Curt Darling