There are a lot of verses in this section so my plan is to stick to high points.  The whole Psalm seems to be the sordid history of Israel God’s covenant people.  We are first told about what is called the waters of strife.  It is when Moses struck the rock and God was displeased when he was only to speak to the rock.  There it is said that he spoke rashly with his lips.  It was the sin that kept him out of the Promise Land. We must be careful about responding to the anger of the people with our own rash anger.  We find Israel mingling with the idols even to sacrificing their own children to the idols of the people around them.
When God’s anger was kindled and it says He than the Psalmist said God remembered His covenant.  God remembers when it comes to His beloved people.  However it is best if we don’t try Him like Israel did.
The Psalm ends on a good note of praise.  After all the atrocities mentioned in the Psalm even though God can be displeased it is never a time when we can’t turn back to Him.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

Psalm 106 is what is called book 4 of the Psalms.  I have no idea how the books were set up and who did it.  I don’t claim to be a biblical scholar.  I only have 12 grades of education.
The Psalm begins with a call to praise the LORD.  Block capitals meaning or English name Jehovah.  Next it says, “He is good and His mercy endures forever.“ I like the next verse, “Who can utter the mighty works of the LORD.” I feel so ignorant but there are things I can know so I won’t claim complete ignorance.
Then there is confession of sin as a nation.  Can I confess sins of my nation?  I don’t have to look back at ancient Israel.  We have plenty of sin right here at home and sometimes right here in our Church.
I want to emphasize the last verse of our reading today.  He gave them their request but sent leanness into their souls.  Is it always good to get what we want?  Leanness in our souls is what we should not want.  If I learn this lesson I have learned well, if not shame on me.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

A true miracle indeed was the Manna. It came down every day for five days and on the sixth day a double amount so that the Israelites would not have to go out and gather on the Sabbath day.  In fact some went out to get some and nothing was there.  Nothing was said in the Bible of neither how it was produced nor how it was a certain amount for 5 days then doubled the amount on the sixth day and nothing on the seventh day.  Now God was very jealous of the attitude of the Israelites about how they felt about the manna because in John 6 Jesus compares Himself symbolically as the Manna that came down from Heaven and I will say that He is.  Now in Numbers 21:5 the Israelites called manna worthless bread and God sent serpents to bite them.  Then God told Moses to make a brass serpent and hang it on a pole and a look of faith at the serpent healed them.  Jesus symbolically said that like the serpent in the wilderness He would hang on the cross and whoever believed would have eternal life.  By the way the manna stopped when they crossed Jordan River and came into Canaan.  Now God’s provision was to be another way.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling
This 15th chapter of Exodus is one of the most triumphant songs in the Bible.  However whose song is it and who did all the work.  I think of that when I sing a triumphant song.  Is it something that I have done or is it what my God has done? We love the term right hand of the Lord.  That is definitely spoken of Jesus Christ in Isaiah 53. I neglected to add in my last blog that they packed up the body of Joseph just like he asked them to do for their trek to Canaan which because of Israel’s disobedience lasted 40 years.
Now Miriam here called a Prophetess leads the women in a dance of triumph here.  Later she would be punished by God because of a bad attitude against Moses.  Here she was triumphant. We do have our ups and downs. I like what she says here, “I will sing unto the Lord for He hath triumphed gloriously, the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.” We need that kind of attitude.  Then let us sing.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I finished my last writing to say the easy way is not always the best way. The Israelites were cornered and hemmed in on all sides and the sea in front.  Now God says for the Israelites to go forward.  Where? God said lift up your rod and strike the sea.  Here the dead stick becomes the rod of God.  I like to look at myself as a dead stick before salvation and God can use me as the rod of God. I want to be that.
Now can God make a portion of sea into dry land? If He wills He can.  He also can cover the Egyptian army with water after frustrating them by taking their chariot wheels off then covering them with sea water. Many in this world don’t believe these stories.  That is because they don’t except our God and what He has already done and can do.  I have accepted Him and preached about Him for about 65 years. I have more faith than ever.  We must know that He is and diligently seek Him.  Hebrews 11:6
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I find a lot of interesting things in these verses, probably too many to list in one short space. The first is the consecration of the first born male.  That man belongs to God contrasting with Egypt where the first born was to die.  Now all of this was instruction before leaving Egypt.  I do notice too that these were mostly for their spiritual life not just for their physical journey.
I find interesting when a son would ask why all this they were to instruct them why.  I see failure among our present day Christianity possibly even by me with my family.
I find in myself a chuckle when I see the firstborn donkey being redeemed by a lamb. Remember what John the Baptist said when he first saw Jesus.  Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.  He died for donkey like men including myself before I was saved.
One more thing in verse 20.  The easy way is not always the best way.  We will see that as we read on.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I find it quite interesting why the lamb that was killed for each family was called the Passover.  Of course the Lord said, “When I see the blood I will pass over the house where the blood was on the door.” Another thing I will say is no matter who may disagree with God who is Sovereign, and what mortal man is able to disagree with Him. 
In verse 26 God said, “When your children ask why you do this service?” they were to explain it very plainly. I find it very necessary that we explain things to the children.  It has to be carried on. I wonder how many who grew up in America even know what the Passover is and what it represents. It is symbolic of the Lord Jesus death on the cross. (I Corinthians 5:7)  Of course here the death of the firstborn of Egypt would have to be told also to their children. 
Now in closing this I want to ask myself what is the meaning and what if my children ask?  Do I know the story well enough to relate to any child that asks? My Bible is such a small book.  I in 65 years have memorized its contents so that I can almost tell them all they want to know.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

Because of what God was going to do it was to be reckoned as the first month of Israel’s calendar.  Because of my salvation and my born again experience May 1956 was my first month of the year.
Next even though Chapter 11 already gives the account of the death of the firstborn, which will come later of course in this chapter , God prepares Israel to leave.  They eat no leavened bread for 7 days before eating the Passover.  After killing the Passover lamb they were to put blood from that Lamb over the door of the house and on both door posts and that was to tell the death angel not to kill the first-born son.  I often wonder if any Israelite may have said this is too simple or too crude.  Would his first son be saved?  Yet we have this (not the same) in our country and in our world.  God would not be obligated to save that firstborn without that blood.  Today for us it is simply the blood of our Passover Lamb Jesus.  Faith has to be attached to it or it’s no good.  Without faith it is impossible to please Him.  Hebrews 11:6
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I could say much about why Peter decided to go fishing at this time.  In Matthew 16:18-19 because of Peter's confession of Christ (the rock Jesus referred to) Jesus used that as the basis of the building up of Christ's church.  The word "you" here is not said to be singular but all the Apostles that were given the so called keys in the building of the church.
​It is no surprise to me that all who were with Peter decided to go with him.  I wonder if it is Peter's old boat that he now hasn't used for three years because of following Jesus becoming a fisher of men.
After all night Jesus is standing on the shore and after asking them if they caught anything He tells them to cast out the net and I have no doubt that Jesus filled the net.
After breakfast Jesus has something to say to Peter which I believe he will never take up the old fishnet again and now since Jesus resurrection became the fisher of men he was supposed to be as Jesus instructed.  He is also to be feeder of Jesus lambs and His sheep.  I went a little farther than our prescribed verses today, but this I could not help.  My question is, "Is Jesus working with me like He worked with Peter?"
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling
This set of verses speaks of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  None of the disciples knew what to expect when they came to the grave that day and I am sure what did happen was not what they did expect.  For instance Mary Magdalene had no idea what was happening.  She expected a body but she got the first knowledge that Jesus rose from the dead.  This chapter has a lot of wonderful things about the resurrection. 
It is okay for us to symbolically inspect the empty tomb but be careful that you don’t linger at the tomb itself.  He is risen and ascended into Heaven and He has things that we can do.
What do you think I can do after 65 years?  Of course it is not for salvation but because of salvation.  For it would not mean working my own way, but Christ’s way which is better.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling